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Wine Options Explained

Wine options are and important part of a membership level. They are the products (usually wines) that your members will be receiving when they receive a shipment. The options are effectively what they are purchasing. 

There are two types of wine options. What type you select depends on how you want to run your wine club.

Winery Choice option type

Choose this type when you, the winery, want to select what wines the member will receive. You will select the wines members will receive when you process a batch of memberships. Pricing for a winery choice option is typically a price range. Members won't know exactly what they are getting or how much it will cost until they receive their order. You can add multiple options if you want to create a list of options.

Customer Choice option type

If you want your members to choose from a list of wines and quantity they will receive when they join, then choose this type. This type is more difficult to set up because you need to select the wines that members can choose, as well as each individual quantity option. When members join a customer choice option, they know exactly what they will be receiving in each shipment. When creating a batch, your wines will already be selected, since your customers have already done the job for you. 


Every level can only have one winery choice list and one customer choice list.
You can have multiple options in a list, but only one list of each type. 

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