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What is Bloom?

At its core Bloom is a Shopify App, designed and developed by the award-winning digital agency Ply Interactive. Wineries use the Bloom app to easily set up clubs and manage memberships. Once installed, wine club options appear on your Shopify site instantly, without the need to configure or update your theme. It just magically works, and new members can begin signing up immediately. 

Bloom also represents our mission to help small wineries sell more wine direct to consumers. Our state is at a turning point, much like California was in the '70s. We have the right soil, sun, and water conditions to grow exceptional fruit. On top of that, Washington State is the home of hundreds of winemaking pioneers who aren't afraid to try something new. We're here to play our part in our wine industry's growth and become known around the world for high-quality wine, born out of creativity. 

We consider ourselves industry pioneers. For almost 10 years, Ply has been the Washington State Wine Commission's website vendor. The work we've created has undoubtedly helped the wine industry to grow. Now is the time we help wineries directly. Our approach is very different from OrderPort or Vin65.  E-commerce has been solved. Not by us, but by companies like Amazon.com, eBay, PayPal, and Shopify. Why would we want to reinvent the wheel, and build our own complex software to handle the hard work of managing customers, inventory, orders, taxes, and refunds? Why would we ever want the security and PCI compliance risks of saving our customers credit cards on our system? That seems foolish in this day in age. Instead, we're focused on building exceptional customer experiences and only developing our wine club app. Our talented team spends their time focused on ensuring your customers are delighted, and not fixing bugs in the e-commerce platform. That's Shopify's job. This is the right approach to building a modern, scalable system for Washington wineries—a niche market.

In order to get there, wineries who are thinking outside the box and forging new paths need to have their stories told. And most importantly, they need to sell more wine direct to consumers. How do that do that? Based on over 20 years experience building websites, we know these facts: 

  1. Great customer experiences sell more wine.
  2. Well over half of all small winery sales are generated through wine clubs.
  3. Email marketing is the best way to generate direct sales.
  4. Your brand is more than your label. It's best defined by what your customers think and feel about your wine and the people who make it.

Ply Interactive offers everything small wineries need to grow their business. Brand development, label design, website design, e-commerce, wine club management, bottle and winery/vineyard photography, and support. 

Learn more at www.bloom.wine.