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Wine products can have a lot of information not found on other e-commerce products. A good example is the ABV of the wine in the bottle. Bloom allows you to save specifications for every wine product. These specifications are used for reporting purposes.  


Setup Product Specifications

Setup product types in Shopify
Before we begin, make sure your products have been organized by "Type" in Shopify. Navigate out of Bloom to Products. On a product detail view, on the right under Organization, select a product type. Most wines will be of type 'Wine' but you may have crated other types you should apply. Types are used to organize product collections and limit what products will display when adding specificaitons (you don't need to add ABV spec to a bottle opener, for example.)


1. Import products to Bloom

Once your products are organized by type, you can click "Select product types." 

2. Check the product types that have ABV

3. Update ABV & product quantity

All your products, and if you have any variants, will be added to this Product Specifications table, as shown here. Click on a product or variant's name to add the ABV and quantity. 

Select whether the product is sold by the bottle or case. Then input the number of milliliters in each product. Example: 750 ml for a standard wine bottle or 4500 ml for a case of 6 standard wine bottles.  And finally, add the Alcohol By Volume in percent. 

You can also edit product specifications from Shopify using the "More actions" dropdown. Discover what else you can do with "More actions"