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Member Discounts

Most winery owners want to incentivize customers by offering discounts on products you purchase if you join a membership level in a club. Remember that discounts are part of a membership level. All members who join a level will get the same discounts.

  1. Log Into Bloom
  2. On the Dashboard click the Edit icon for the membership level you want to add/edit a discount for
  3. Scroll down to the Member Discounts section

Discounts include fields for:

  1. Code: What you want to title the discount. This is what will appear on customer orders. A typical discount code might be '20% off Club Discount' or similar. If you leave this field empty Bloom will automatically use the Level ID for the discount code.
  2. % Discount: The percentage off. It should be an integer like '20'.
  3. Minimum Quantity: If you require that a minimum number of products need to be purchased before the discount is used, add the minimum quantity in this field. Leave as '0' if there isn't a minimum quantity. 
  4. Add Discount: Click the Add Discount button to a new discount tier by clicking the Add Discount button on the left. This is useful for case discounts.
  5. Delete Discount: Delete a Discount Tier by clicking the red Remove Discount Tier. 
TIP: If you want to create a different discount for cases (12 or more bottles) create a new discount with a minimum quantity of '12'.
If you have set up cases as a single product, instead of 12 individual bottles, then the minimum quantity would be '1' and not '12'.