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Edit a Membership Level

Membership levels contain important information like member discounts, shipping frequency, max number of members, etc. You can edit a membership level by clicking the edit icon next to the membership level ID.


The fields you can edit include:

 1. Visibility
Toggle whether the level appears on your website, or not.


2. Membership Level Name


3. Description
Describe the benefits of joining the level. Click and drag the bottom right corner of the text box down to enlarge the text area for longer descriptions. 


4. Member Discounts
You can have multiple discount levels.


5. Maximum Members
How many members can join before the level is in waitlist mode.


6. Shipping Frequency
How often you will process and ship memberships on the level.

7. Product Types
What Shopify product types to use when processing memberships. You allow more than one product type. Types are usually 'Wine' and 'Merchandise', but can be more granular depending on how products are organized.


8. Shipping Options
Free Shipping or use Shopify's shipping rules.

9. Price Note
Describe the pricing, like if it includes taxes or shipping.

11. Intro Message
Write a welcoming statement before the user fills out the form. This is displayed on step one of sign up, the screen after they click "Join" and only to new members. 


11. Wait List Status & Message
Check this box if you'd like to wait list this membership. Customers will be able to join, but not batched and processed, if this box is checked. This message box will replace the "Intro Message" from step 10.

12. Purchase Confirmation Message
What you want to say when a member signs up successfully.


13. Save! 
Remember to click "Save & Continue" when you are done making edits. Clicking cancel will undo any changes made. If you need to delete this membership level, you will find that button in the bottom left hand corner. You will first need to delete the membership level from all members who are current members, before you can delete the level.