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Clubs Explained

Bloom has been structured where you likely only need a single wine club. What you may typically think of clubs, are called 'Club Levels'. Bloom gives you the flexibility to have multiple clubs in cases where you need to organize many different levels into groups, but this isn't very common. Try creating just a single wine club, with different levels. Contact us if you think you really need multiple clubs.

Think of it this way: your wine club contains different membership levels. These membership levels are what your members join. For instance, I'm a member of the Founder's Club level in the Bloom Wine Club. 

Breaking down the Wine Clubs tab

  1. Add wine club: Most wineries just have one club with multiple club levels. Click this button if you have a lot of levels, and need to organize them under separate clubs
  2. Edit wine club: If you need to edit your wine club name, image, or description
  3. Edit club level: Club levels include the level name, discount, frequency, and other level settings.
  4. Members: View all members or members who's last processing failed. 
  5. Build batch: When you're ready to create a shipment, you will start here, by building a batch of memberships to process.
  6. Wine list options: Edit wine options and selections for your members.
  7. Add new wine list: Add either one Winery Choice list or a Customer Choice list
  8. Add membership level: Add a new Membership Level, which would have different discounts, frequencies or wine list options.