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Club Order Refunds

Refunds on club orders are different than your standard orders placed on your website. This is because we're refunding on a saved credit card on the payment gateway. Shopify doesn't provide us a way to directly refund on saved cards for security reason. We're working on building a club refund feature that you'll use in the Bloom app. 

To refund a club order:

  1. Log into your gateway account
  2. Check if the transaction has settled by searching for the transaction.
  3. If it hasn’t settled, you can void it before the batch closes. The customer will never see the charge.
  4. If the batch has closed and the payment was settled, click on the transaction ID, and give them a refund.
  5. Note that shipping is taxable, so if it’s just a shipping refund, then you should calculate the tax and add it.
  6. Then to ensure the order in Shopify is updated, find the Shopify order and refund it with the same values you entered into
  7. You're done. If you entered the correct amounts in and Shopify, then everything should reconcile.
Details on refunding orders in can be found in here.