To edit a wine release, click the edit icon next to the release name on your Clubs page. Each release type (winery choice and/or customer choice) will have their own edit button since they each require different information and setup.

Edit Winery Choice Release

An example of a winery choice release would be: Red Wine Only, 3 Bottles $90-$120 per shipment. 

1. Wine Release List Name: Provide a name of the list. This appears on the Clubs page of your website.

2. Number of Shipments: The amount of shipments that members will get per year

3. Wines: Here you configure the winery choice options members can choose. 

  1. Quantity Options: How many bottles (or cases) the member will receive
  2. Quantity Unit: Will the member receive bottles or cases?
  3. Price Options: Choose Fixed Price if you know what the price will be. Choose Price Range to set a low and high end of a price range if you don't know the exact price of what the member will receive
  4. Visibility: If you only want the option to display for members who are logged in, you can uncheck the visibility box. This hides the option on the website for non-members (not logged in) but will display the option to members who are logged in. A common use of this feature is to provide member-only options. 
  5. Waitlist: If you check the Waitlist box, this will put the option into waiting list mode. When joining a club, new members can add waitlisted wines to their membership allocation. They will not be charged for these wines if their memberships are batched. Admins can update members waitlisted selections on the Edit Membership view.
  6. Delete a wine option: Click the Delete Wine Option button to delete the option, once all memberships have been updated.
You can only delete a wine option when there aren't memberships that use this option.
You can add multiple winery choice options to create a list of options. For example, maybe you want both Red Wines Only and White Wines Only, both in the same membership level. As a member, I could join both options if I choose. 

Edit Customer Choice Release

This option provides members a list of wines to choose from, along with a quantity picker. The member chooses the wines and the quantity they'd like their allocation. You, the winery, defines what wines are listed and what quantity options are available for members.
  1. Wine Release List Name: Provide a name of the list. This appears on the Wine Clubs page of your website.
  2. Wines: Here you create the list of wines and quantity options members can choose. 
    1. Choose a wine: Select a wine you want to add to the list
    2. Wine Option Name: If you don't want to use the product name used on the Website, then you can overwrite it by naming it here.
    3. Quantity Option: Add a quantity option. The option will appear in the quantity drop down on the website. Typically you'd add multiple options. Common examples are 3, 6, 12, 24 in a quantity drop down.

You can add multiple customer choice options (wines) to this list. Just click the Add button to add a new wine/quantity option.