Creating and processing your batches is the bread and butter of any wine club. This is where it all comes together—just select the memberships you want to process and ship.

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Before you start

To help you make sure your processing goes as smoothly as possible, here's a few things to check first:

  1. Review the Bloom Selections Report in Bloom/Reports/Selections. This will give you an idea of how much wine you'll be shipping in your next batch. Then, ensure you have enough inventory for your batch sales.
  2. Check that your wine club member emails read how you want them to. Find the Settings tab in Bloom and open the Email sub-menu. Scroll down to the Email Text section and double-check the following:
    • Successful payment for pick up order
    • Successful payment for shipped order
    • Failed payment for order
  3. Check for any failed payments. The Bloom app will not process a membership if it has an unresolved failed payment in a previous batch.
  4. Finally, take a moment to consider how you would like to organize your batches. Review the article Batches Explained if you are unsure.


Creating a batch

To make this easier on you, Bloom creates batches on a by-release basis. Releases help to organize your members by which wines they'll receive. Running one batch of all members would create a lot of complexity, and that's not how we roll.

To start building batches, go to the Clubs tab in Bloom. Click the Build batch button to process a release.


Selecting memberships

Once you are on the Build batch screen, the first thing you will see is failed or saved batches. This provides a convenient reminder to:

  • Make sure you've handled any failed payments
  • Review any batches you've already saved

Next, you can either start selecting members or Filter by Fulfillment. Filtering your members by the type of fulfillment they receive is a great way to separate shipping orders from pickup orders.

Once you have finished selecting members, name your batch before continuing. Naming your batch will help you keep track of your progress in the batching process.


Selecting wines

If you select a winery choice release to process, Bloom will ask you next to pick which wines to send your members. You will have one drop-down menu to pick each bottle that will be in the shipment.


Confirming quantities and inventory

Next, double-check the quantities of each wine that you'll be sending. Once you are sure you're ready to proceed, click Process orders.

Once you click Process orders, payments will begin processing in the background. This can take quite awhile for large batches—about 6-7 seconds per order.


Reviewing and fulfilling orders

Once you are ready to start fulfilling orders, go to the Orders tab in Shopify. Here, you can handle your wine club orders just like you would any other orders.