Creating a batch is very simple, you're simply just selecting the memberships you want to auto-process and ship.

Before you begin, we advise you first go through this checklist to make sure everything is ready:

  1. Check that your payment emails read how you want them to read. Go to the Settings tab and navigate to the email menu. You'll want to check/update the successful pick-up, successful ship, and failed payment emails.
  2. Do you have failed payments that need to be reconciled? Check your previously processed batches for failed payments. You won't be able to add memberships with failed payment to a batch until you delete the failures from the previous batch.
  3. Most wineries batch all memberships in their level. For organizational or logistical purposes, you may want to create different groupings. Think for a moment, if there is a reason to create more than one batch for a membership level. Sometimes it's desirable to batch pick-up orders separate from the ship orders. 

Not all memberships are available to be added to a batch. If the membership is on hold, expired, cancelled, waitlisted, or already is in a different batch that hasn't been processed, it will be grayed out -- you won't be able to select it for the batch you are creating. 

Step 1: Create a Batch

Batches can only be created one release at a time. This is to avoid confusion and complexities that would come with creating a batch of all memberships, which might have very different wine quantities and selections.

1. Choose your club level

From the Clubs tab, find the club level you want to process and click the Build Batch button located next to wine releases to get started.


2. Select memberships

Search or filter this membership list if needed. Then check the boxes of the memberships you want to include in the batch. Remember, if the membership is on hold, waitlisted, or already in another batch, the membership will be grayed out and you won't be able to select it. Click the Continue button when you have your memberships selected.


3. Name your batch (optional)

A dialog will appear asking you to name your batch. Give the batch a name that describes how you grouped it, like 'Founder's Club: Spring 2017'. Note that names aren't required. You can just click the OK button if you don't want to give your batch a name. The batch will be created and Bloom will automatically take you to the next step (Select your Wines), but you can leave and come back later if you choose to.


Step 2: Select wines and confirm shipments

Depending on your membership level type the next screen will either ask you to pick your wines (for winery choice levels) or confirm the wines and quantities you will be processing (for customer choice levels).

Remember, winery choice means you the winemaker will be selecting the wines to process. Customer choice means your members have already selected their wines and quantities when they joined.

1. Pick wines using the drop downs (winery choice types only)

For winery choice type you'll be presented with a drop down for each wine option. Select what wines you'd like to send your members in the menu, then click the Continue button.


For customer choice memberships, you just need to verify the wines you are allocating. The customer has already selected their wines. You will see how many bottles you are shipping to customer choice memberships. Click the Continue button.


Step 3: Confirmation and order processing

The next screen is where you do one last check of your shipments against your available inventory. This is the final confirmation screen before you process the memberships.

Please, double check that you have selected the correct wines and quantities. This will be your last chance to confirm what you're sending.


1. Check your inventory and complete your club order

Review how many bottles you are shipping and make sure you have enough in your inventory to cover your shipments. Click the Process Orders button when you are ready. When processing begins payments are being captured off the member's saved credit cards, and orders are being created in Shopify. If a payment fails an order will not be created and the memberships will be in a 'processing failed' status.


Batch processing happens in the background. You can continue to use Bloom while it's automatically creating order for you. Depending on the size of your batch, processing can take several minutes or more. Assume it will take roughly 10 seconds per order.


2. Review orders in Shopify

Navigate to Orders in the left hand Shopify navigation bar to find processed batches and fulfill them