In Bloom, a batch is a group of memberships that have been selected to be processed. Once a batch is processed, orders are automatically created, members are emailed their order receipt, and shipments are ready to be fulfilled.

Your wine club likely has a few membership levels. When creating batches, it's very common to group memberships. For instance, instead of processing all of your Founder's Club memberships, you may choose to process the pickup orders first, then separately process the shipping orders. Another common case is to first process winery choice memberships, then process customer choice because the picking and packaging are typically very different between the two types. 

Batches exist to keep things organized. 



There are two types of batches, ones that are ready to process and others that have already been processed. 

Processed batches are memberships that you have attempted to capture payment for, and orders have been created. These memberships will either succeed payment processing or fail. If they fail, you'll have the ability to re-process the memberships in this section of Bloom.

Saved batches are ones you have saved for later. They haven't been processed and orders have not been created. These are the memberships you need to process next.