Your club members often want to add wine, or other products, to their club shipment. Providing this option gives your members the ability to customize their club shipment, and increases your revenue. Sweet!

Additional options belong to the club level, and not to a level’s release. This means that any member who has joined a level, regardless of what releases or options they selected, will have access to the additions you provide.

The additional options will appear on your members’ page after they log in. As a Shopify admin, you can also add additional options to a membership using the Bloom app.

If additions are included on a membership, they will only process on the member’s NEXT club shipment. After those additions have been process, they will be removed from the membership. Additional options will need to be added again, if the member wants additions on their next shipment.


Add additional options

Bloom provides an easy way to add these additional options to your club levels:

  1. Navigate to the Clubs tab in Bloom, then find the level you want to add the additional options too.
  2. Below the level’s Releases listing, find the Additional Options section and click the Add options button.
  3. Give your additional options a heading. This will appear on your members view once they have logged in.
  4. Describe the additions by adding introductory content.
  5. Select the collections that contain the products you want to include in the additional options. We use collections for flexibility and to provide a way to simplify the process if you have large product catalogs. For instance, if you have a Reds Only level, then you could select a Red Wines collection so the product listing you choose from is limited to just that collection. 
  6. Once the collections have been selected, now you can pick the actual products you want to include as additional options. Simply click the checkbox next to the products and click the Save button. 

Now the products will appear on the member’s My Membership view and in the Bloom admin when editing the release options for a membership. Learn more about how additional options will be included in Club shipments in Batches.